rough work

Hey folks,

I am once again busy busy busy and having a hard time keeping up this blog. I'm doing some work for a company here in Chicago called Tribal DDB, a branch of the super big ad company DDB.
As usual, I can't talk about the project or post any art yet. The project will go live online in November and once it's up and running I can start posting some of the art here and direct you fine folks to the project itself.

In between deadlines I had a couple of days of downtime and I couldn't get myself out of the studio. I rummaged up some charcoal and watercolor paper and drew this thing...

I mostly just wanted to draw in charcoal again for the fun of it. I had placed my easel in front of my book case in my studio and every time I looked past the drawing board I would see my Hellboy collection. I guess that's what inspired the strange little tentacle in the middle of that hand. Strange and goofy, just like me I suppose.



Moe updates

I've been pretty busy lately with my freelance. I landed a gig with a company that handles the online content of a few major fast food and soft drink corporations. The work is fun, challenging, intense and most of all, time consuming.
When ever I get the go ahead from the client, I'll share some sketches. I think it'll be a month or two down the road.

For now, I give you The Anatomy of Moe. My friend Mike has a rescue Pug that is having some health problems lately and needs a pretty expensive surgery. While Mike and I were talking about this today I started sketching a pug and decided to draw the bones instead to see what was really going on underneath. It was fun little exercise.
If you like comic's and comic book art, please go to http://www.cadencecomicart.com and buy some art from Mike. I think he's offering up some special deals on commissions to help fund Moe's surgery.


Caricature of Tim Seeley

While teaching myself a few new tricks in Photoshop I used this caricature I did this last year to practice on. The caricature is of Chicago based comic book artist and writer Tim Seeley. Tim writes the popular Hack/Slash at Image Comics and is getting ready to start drawing an Ant Man/Wasp series for Marvel Comics. Tim is an uber talented artist and all around nice guy. He even laughed when I showed him this caricature (which might show up in one Tim's upcoming books).

The purpose of the practice was to work on a new way of digital painting that is faster, easier and more efficient. I'm also getting much closer to getting a digital watercolor look down for use on other projects.



an experiment

This is a background piece for contest I'm entering. I took out a chunk of the original image for the time being. I'll replace it when the contest is over and post it up here but for now...I guess this is a sneak peak.