rough work

Hey folks,

I am once again busy busy busy and having a hard time keeping up this blog. I'm doing some work for a company here in Chicago called Tribal DDB, a branch of the super big ad company DDB.
As usual, I can't talk about the project or post any art yet. The project will go live online in November and once it's up and running I can start posting some of the art here and direct you fine folks to the project itself.

In between deadlines I had a couple of days of downtime and I couldn't get myself out of the studio. I rummaged up some charcoal and watercolor paper and drew this thing...

I mostly just wanted to draw in charcoal again for the fun of it. I had placed my easel in front of my book case in my studio and every time I looked past the drawing board I would see my Hellboy collection. I guess that's what inspired the strange little tentacle in the middle of that hand. Strange and goofy, just like me I suppose.


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