Hatter Days

I can finally do a little show and tell for the work I did at New Holland Brewing. I illustrated 4 Mad Hatters to go along with 4 seasonal beers based off of the Mad Hatter IPA from New Holland.
All of the illustrations were painted in watercolor and then my art director and graphic designer added the text and some age to the label. I'm really happy with how they came out and can't wait to see them on the actual bottles.
New Holland is only brewing one big batch of each of these beers so I'm not sure what the availability of the beer will be. You might have to talk to your local liquor store into ordering some of these. I believe they'll be out at 22oz bottles first.

On June 11th I'll be attending Hatter Days: Mad Hatter Birthday Bash at the New Holland Pub in Holland, MI. I'll be signing posters and doing a little sketching from 8-10 PM and then hanging around afterward to try out the beer.
More info can be found here: http://newhollandbrew.com/blog/featured/mad-hatter-birthday-bash/


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