Humpty Dumpty Sale!

Hey there folks,

I'm busy working a bunch of projects but I'm getting around to updating my Etsy store, website, Facebook page, blog, tumblr, twitter page, Deviant Art....did I miss anything, whew.

I'm running a 50% off sale in my Etsy shop until this Sunday, September 30th 2012. Everything is on sale but you have to message me at my Facebookpage to get the deal. This sale is helping me fund an upcoming business trip where I'm hoping to meet with a few different publishers to talk about some upcoming projects.

My newest piece, Humpty Dumpty, is now up.

This painting is a test piece for a project I've just started. This painting is roughly 1/2 the size of the eventual one that will be used for the project.

Watercolor, ink and colored pencil on watercolor paper. 7.5inx10.5in

More updates coming soon!


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