Legends of the McRib

Hey guys,

I'm finally allowed to talk about the project I worked on last month. I did several black and white illustrations that were used for an online ad campaign for McDonald's McRib. The illustrations were then colored and animated in house by the company that hired me, Tribal DDB.

If you'd like to the final animated piece go here.

Sadly, right after the project ended, my laptop died on me. It took most of the scanned art with it along with a ton of music, photos and other art projects I had been working on. Until I get a new computer capable of scanning the originals again I won't be posting any of the art for that job. I'm hoping that I should be up and running by the end of this month.



Adam said...

awesome work. congrats on having your stuff displayed so prominently, heres hoping you get more big name stuff like this!

Kyle said...

Thanks Adam!