Just got home from Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. By far this has been my best convention experience to date.

Below are a bunch of photos from the weekend. After I catch up sleep I'll write up a full post but for now, have some images.

Kansas City, Mo for the 34th floor of our hotel.

My lovely wife and I hanging out after a movie premier the night before the convention.

Natanya and I moments before the doors opened on Friday.

Some amazing banners that were scattered throughout the exterior halls of the convention.

 Me and Gerald Brom - http://www.bromart.com/

Me and Games Gurney - http://jamesgurney.com/site/
Me with Mike Mignola and Brom

 Hanging at the awards ceremony with my old friend (and awesome tattoo artist) Ryan Flaherty - http://www.insightstudiosonline.com/flaherty/index.php

More photos and a recap to come...



Susan said...

Thanks for the commentary and the photos! You gave me a little vicarious trip to Kansas City. Someday, someday....

Kyle said...

My pleasure! You should plan for Spectrum Fantastic Art Live next year!