I'm back...kind of

Well, I've finished up a recent freelance job that would've been a blast had I not come down with vertigo in the last week before deadline. Still, it was a fun project for a local publisher. As soon as it goes live I'll tell you all about it but for now I have to keep it under wraps.

It's been a little over a week since the vertigo started and I've managed to workout a decent method for dealing with the dizziness while working but I'm down to about half speed on almost everything I'm doing. I have some doctor prescribed exercises that seem to be helping with addition of motion sickness meds. Hopefully I'll kick this thing soon.

Tonight I'll be meeting with an award winning playwright to discuss a new collaborative project that I think everyone will love. I can't wait to talk about it and show some of the new work. Alas, this is yet another project that I should keep quiet about for the time being.

So, to give you something new:


The third in a series of squildings that have inspired me to write a new story. I'm working on a first draft of a children's book that I'll hopefully be illustrating very soon.

I am also in the final stages of finishing up all of the "A Book of Dwarves" orders and starting in on the extra bits of art for some of the donors.

That's all the news I can share for now.


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