So many projects

Sometimes you can create a piece on accident that leads you to something greater. 

In my last post I painted the Squale image for fun. I was just exercising my creative muscles, which I don't do as often as I should. Painting that picture led me to doing another and while painting the next one I came up with a story to go with the images. As I started writing down my ideas I came up with some more new ideas that will now lead me into my next book project. 

I don't want to say anymore than that. I'll post images from the project as I progress while not giving too much away. The less you know the more fun it will be for me when I finish the thing. 

Here is the 2nd in a trilogy of squid-y paintings.

I have two children's books formulated in my head and mostly written on paper. I also have a couple of Young Adult books kicking around in the back of brain that I'm hoping to start working on this year as well, freelance permitting.

I'm wrapping up a freelance job for a local publisher that I can, hopefully, tell you about soon. I'm also wrapping up all of the commissions for my "A Book of Dwarves" project.

More news to come!


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